Here is a list of low-cost ideas that will help to promote your brand and increase your company’s revenue. These ideas done consistently, overtime will dive more traffic and give you the opportunity to build customer relationships. Front of mind marketing is paramount to grow your business to the next level.

1. Leverage Viral Marketing:
Utilize social media and email blast to announce what’s new in your business. Special promotions, trainers spotlight and daily fitness tips are great ways to engage your clients.

2. Be Social:
These social media outlets are untapped gold mines that can attract potential clients.
I suggest investing in a resource to update your pages and keep your message fresh.

3. Re-Branding:
Update website with the existing logo and tag line, do a small run of business cards and brochures. Brand unification is paramount to avoid confusion and diluting your identity.

4. Promotional Items:
Do a small run of promotional items, t-shirts, water bottles, towels, and balance bracelets to showcase a new brand and tagline. Offer gift certificates or membership to new or potentials clients. Offer local business discount membership plans.

5. Fusion Marketing:
Partner with existing vendors and business partners for joint marketing events and promotions. Create open-house events to attract new clients and get involved in community events.

6. Rely on Word Mouth:
Timing is crucial, leverage word of mouth, and create a brief document or videos that can summarize the benefits you offer putting the right words in the right mouth at the time.

7. Establish a Referral Program:
Review your existing customer list and ask for the recommendation to others that may benefit from your service. One possible option would be a simple email blast asking for 3 potential clients who might benefit from your service.

8. Compile a Customer Mailing List:
Create a customer database and communicate with your customer on a seasonal basis and on special events.

9. Find a Cause to Support:
Embrace a case by contributing funds or time; in exchange, this attracts like-minded individuals and business to your company. You can also donate your service to a charity auction.

10. Mention You’re Satisfied Customers:
Provide a platform for such YouTube to showcase why they choose your company apart from your competitors.